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Why Does Restoring The Foundations Charge For Ministry?

We are often asked why RTF charges for ministry. The Healing House Network ministers are highly trained, professional ministers.  Our ministers are equipped and empowered.  They have completed a rigorous course of study including numerous hours of oversight with observation by an RTF Trainers.  When we release our ministers, as a part members of the Healing House Network, we are confident that they are competent and proficient in the RTF Integrated Approach of to ministry and they are led by the Holy Spirit throughout the ministry.  Most of our Healing House ministers consider the RTF ministry their primary calling.  They have laid down other employment to be able to focus on ministering to the needs of the hurting.  When the Lord initially began RTF, he impressed upon founders Chester and Betsy Kylstra, the founders that “the workman is worthy of his hire.” and that the people should be “invested in their own healing”. Investing in your own ministry is a faith activator. When you value something you’re willing to make an investment in it. You are paying for the expertise of the ministry team to “set the table” for you to have an encounter with the Healer.  In 2 Samuel 24:24, there is a principle where David insists on paying for his sacrifice to the Lord.  When you sow into your own life, you will reap in your life.  Your ministry team will be investing in your healing.  They spend a number of hours preparing before the first session and between each of your sessions.  Their investment in your healing is significant.  The Lord directed the founders of RTF to have people pay so they are invested in their own healing. Investing in your own ministry is a faith activator. Our ministers are like your pastor who is paid for what he/she does.   We have heard a number of people share that they had spent thousands of dollars and years in psychotherapy or counseling and did not see the radically life-changing results as they did with Restoring the Foundations.  Ministry Formats An Issue-Focused Ministry session is usually about 3 hours in length.  During this time your ministers will address one main issue in your life using the RTF Integrated Approach.  The cost for this ministry is usually $300.00.  It’s amazing what God can do in this time frame! (USD pricing)  The Thorough Format Ministry is approximately 15 hours of individual ministry. It is life-changing as hearts are healed and transformed! As individuals experience an encounter with the Healer they are radically impacted. Along the way you are equipped and empowered to continue to walk in freedom! The cost for an individual is usually $1500.00.  Couples ministry has 2 additional sessions (3-4 hours). The cost of couples ministry is usually $3400.00 and has 2 additional sessions (3-4 hours).   Note:  Our prices are based on the USA economy dollar. If you are outside of the USA please contact your local ministry teams found via the website or by contacting our ministry coordinator. Full time missionaries please contact our ministry coordinator.   Ministry Coordinator: healing@restoringthefoundations.org We require a 50% deposit when you schedule your ministry. The ministry team will inform you of the best way to make payment.  Costs are subject to change by region and unique circumstances.

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Where Do I Stay When I Come For Ministry?

Each Healing House Network ministry team will be able to help you arrange for housing and meals while with them for ministry.  These details will be one of the things your ministry team will coordinate with you.

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Where are you located?

Restoring the Foundations International makes its home just outside Nashville, Tennessee in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. Healing House Network ministry teams are located throughout the world. We welcome you to explore our ministry team directory in the “Ministry Teams” section of our website. You can look for a ministry by location or from their ministry profile.  Contact the ministry team that you are drawn to or send an email healing@restoringthefoundations.org. Your email will be answered within 72 hours if possible.  Our office is open M-F 9:30-4:30pm CT. Thank you for your patience. 

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How Do I Schedule A Restoring The Foundations Ministry Week?

Go to the Ministry Directory on the website.  Go to the left of the page in the blue box to Search Ministers in your area or where you want to receive ministry. (Check the country, the state or region of your country and the ministry type – Issue-Focused – (IFM-3 hours)  or Thorough Format -(TFM- 15 hours)  Once you have selected a minister, click on the red request ministry button and fill out the form. Please identify your first, second and third choices of ministers. Each ministry team is uniquely gifted to serve you. Filling out the Request Ministry form will help us get to know you better and will help us determine which team is best suited to meet your needs. After we make the referral, the ministry team will contact you to set up the ministry. If your first choice is not available our ministry coordinator will reach out to you to help you find the right team.

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What Makes RTF Different From Other Inner-Healing Ministries?

Restoring the Foundations, International is a world-wide, non-profit inner-healing ministry, and minister training and resource provider established over 30 years ago, by founders Chester and Betsy Kylstra. While many inner-healing ministries focus on one area of healing, Restoring The Foundations offers both individual Issue-Format and Thorough-Format ministry that utilizes a specialized, biblically-based integrated approach to help individuals find hope, healing and freedom in their lives through Christ.

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How Do I Receive Ministry For An Issue(s) I Am Facing?

Thanks for taking the first step of asking about receiving personal ministry. We have witnessed first hand the transformative power of ministry and are confident that the integrated RTF method of inner-healing will help give you healing and freedom in your life. Our personal ministry section will help you choose the ministry format that is best for you. Plus, you can search our ministry directory of ministers world-wide that are extensively trained in the RTF integrated approach. Some even offer online Zoom sessions to work with your busy life-style.

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RTF Featured on The Shawn Bolz Show

On the second half of this week’s episode (May 20th 2024) of “The Shawn Bolz Show”  RTF directors, Lee and Cindi Whitman, were the guests. Watch for powerful insight and two special listener offers on products to help bring hope, healing, and freedom.