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RTF 2023 Year In Review

Dear RTF family, What a year we have had! We want to express to you just how grateful we are to you at this time of year, as we look back at all we’ve seen accomplished as the stewards of Restoring The Foundations. You have been with us all the way, and RTF simply wouldn’t be where it is without you. Thank you. In this season of gratitude, let’s look back at were we have been in 2023. Watch the video below and read on below. Under One Roof The move to have all Restoring The Foundations resources and online services under one roof started a couple years ago, and it feels so good to see all that hard work, diligence, prayer, and patience come to fruition this year as we “moved in” and the last “bricks” were laid. You’ll remember that in June of 2022 we launched a new section of the RTF website called myRTF. MyRTF creates a home for everyone who is involved with RTF, from ministers enhancing their training, others who are simply shopping for RTF resources and searching for events, to those who are coming to receive RTF ministry. This was a huge blessing that brought all of the RTF goods and services under one roof. In myRTF a person has one place they will to go in order to see all of their purchased products, courses, and training, with just one log-in. This year we have continued that momentum, we feel like everyone has really been settling in. People love the simplicity of being able to find their information by going to just one location. And it has never been easier to provide support for every person that relies on RTF and the resources it provides. The new website is HERE! It was launched in July of this year, and the feedback has been tremendous. The main comment we hear is that “the website is so user friendly”. The website was created with you, the RTF family as well as those who are just coming to check out RTF in mind, and it communicates better than ever the RTF Mission. The new site is easy to navigate, and easy to find what you are looking for. Many hours went into the planning and construction of the website and the results are worth all of the effort. It is beautiful and packed with helpful information for anyone wanting to check out RTF. What is even more exciting than that? Now that we have a more accessible website and myRTF with all its resources and tools, we can look to the future! We have such a firm foundation now that countless technological hurdles have been removed from our path. We think of all those around the world who need God’s Hope, Healing and Freedom! And we feel more confident than ever that RTF is ready to help support all our ministers acting, as the hands and feet or Christ. Thank you for walking with us thru this growing and building season. Your faithful prayers and donations have made this happen! The RTF training process is very comprehensive. Along the way we were supported by our mentors, coaches and trainers. The live training week was intense, but our trainer was always there to encourage and support us. It was an amazing privilege to learn the RTF Integrated Approach to ministry and to WATCH GOD WORK! The lives of those we ministered to were radically changed

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RTF Featured on The Shawn Bolz Show

On the second half of this week’s episode (May 20th 2024) of “The Shawn Bolz Show”  RTF directors, Lee and Cindi Whitman, were the guests. Watch for powerful insight and two special listener offers on products to help bring hope, healing, and freedom.