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Filled to All the Fullness of God

What does it mean to be filled to all the fullness of God? Sometimes words like that just bounce off of us because they sound like only spiritual talk. But in todays podcast we are going to look at more than just nice spiritual language, we are going to talk about something that is available to you today! To be filled up to all the fullness of God.

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Rolling the Stone Away

Lazarus is dead. I mean Lazarus is four days dead! That’s really dead and yet Jesus comes to them and says roll that stone away and open that tomb. but if you were there if he was saying that to you what would you have done knowing that Lazarus probably stunk pretty bad by now. That’s the point of this podcast.

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The God of Hope

Are there situations in your life where you have lost hope? Maybe it is a situation with a loved one, or a health issue, or even the condition of the world right now. My goal in this podcast is to begin to restore your hope.

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Stronghold of Rejection

Do you ever find yourself walking into a room and wondering what the people in the room are thinking about you? Or do you find yourself staying toward the outside of a group of people, even people you might be friends with? When you compare yourself with those around you do you consistently find yourself feeling like you don’t fit in with the crowd? In today’s podcast we are going to look at how the stronghold of rejection can taint the way we look at ourselves and others.

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Soul Spirit Healing

In this week’s episode Lee shares with us how Soul Spirit Hurts can be the reasons under the surface of our lives that cause us to react in ways we don’t understand or that seem out-of-balance with how we even expect our own reactions to be.

Learn more about how to receive Soul Spirit Healing on today’s podcast episode.

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Ungodly Beliefs

Would you ever be in agreement with Satan? If you’re believing an ungodly belief about yourself, then you are indeed ignoring what Jesus says about you and agreeing with the father of lies himself and living out your life in the boundaries of that lie. Hard to believe right?

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