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The Shame Fear Control Stronghold

There are two very common strongholds that may be affecting your life and you might not even be away of them. In this weeks podcast we are going to talk about the Shame Fear Control Stronghold. Next week we will look at the Control Rejection Rebellion Stronghold. You don’t want to miss either of these podcasts.

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Watch RTF on the Shawn Bolz Show

Restoring Sexuality Online Seminar is now available in our easy-to-use online course format in myRTF! Dr. Kathy Tolleson, a trusted voice within the ministry network of Restoring The Foundations, teaches in this 3-part online seminar on the important topic of “Restoring Sexuality”. Restoring Sexuality Online Seminar offers hope, healing, and freedom to help restore a Godly perspective on sexuality. We believe you will find this seminar highly impactful for both yourself and your ministry.

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The Power of Deception

Have you ever been deceived? I think most of us have at one time or another. In today’s podcast I want to talk about The Power of Deception and the need for us to know how to keep ourselves from being deceived.

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The God of Hope

Are there situations in your life where you have lost hope? Maybe it is a situation with a loved one, or a health issue, or even the condition of the world right now. My goal in this podcast is to begin to restore your hope.

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Overcoming Giants

Are there situations in your life that are overwhelming? When you look at them do you see giants that need to be overcome and you feel like a grasshopper in their sight? You are in good company. Joshua and Caleb faced the same situation. In this podcast we are going to look at how to overcome the giants in your life.

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Stronghold of an Orphan Lifestyle

Is it hard for you to allow others to help you or are you more comfortable doing things yourself? Do you feel like you always need to be strong in order to protect and defend yourself? If you said yes to these situations, you might be living under the influence of the stronghold of the Orphan Lifestyle. In today’s podcast I am going to talk about the characteristics of the Orphan Lifestyle.

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Renewing Your Mind

Do you remember when you received information from only one or two sources? Today information comes at you from almost a limitless number of places. And not all of the information is going to lead you closer to God. That is why having your mind renewed to the truth is so important, especially today. In this podcast we will look at the why’s and how of renewing your mind.

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RTF Featured on The Shawn Bolz Show

On the second half of this week’s episode (May 20th 2024) of “The Shawn Bolz Show”  RTF directors, Lee and Cindi Whitman, were the guests. Watch for powerful insight and two special listener offers on products to help bring hope, healing, and freedom.