NEW! Restoring Sexuality Online Seminar

Restoring Sexuality Online Seminar is now available in our easy-to-use online course format in myRTF! Dr. Kathy Tolleson, a trusted voice within the ministry network of Restoring The Foundations, teaches in this 3-part online seminar on the important topic of “Restoring Sexuality”. Restoring Sexuality Online Seminar offers hope, healing, and freedom to help restore a Godly perspective on sexuality. We believe you will find this seminar highly impactful for both yourself and your ministry.

RTF Featured on The Shawn Bolz Show

On the second half of this week’s episode (May 20th 2024) of “The Shawn Bolz Show”  RTF directors, Lee and Cindi Whitman, were the guests. Watch for powerful insight and two special listener offers on products to help bring hope, healing, and freedom.