change lives through your ministry

Do you want to see lives changed? Do you want to participate with heaven to bring God’s Kingdom to earth?

Then God might be calling you to change the world by becoming an RTF minister.

why should you train with rtf

ministry training on your schedule

Learn to minister God’s truth using RTF’s Integrated Approach to Healing that brings Freedom and Deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We understand your time is valuable, that’s why RTF combines online and in-person minister training to work with your busy life.

Restoring The Foundations (RTF) Training is designed to provide excellent training, qualification, and continued personal healing to those called to become RTF ministers. We have the time-proven procedure to train people within your local church. RTF has designed our training with you in mind. In our busy world today we know that your time is valuable. We have created training that can fit your lifestyle!

Part of RTF minister training is completed through online courses in the privacy of your own home and on your schedule. The RTF Training begins with Issue-Focused Minister Training (Foundational Level). During this online training you will observe a demonstration of the RTF Issue-Focused ministry, which is the foundational level of a RTF Minister. You will then be connected with a a small group leader to help you prepare for the live activation where you will be leading the ministry with another trainee.

It is a great model of training as we demonstrate how to do the ministry, we help you with the preparation and then you lead the ministry yourself. Plus, you will also receive ministry during the live activation. Throughout the process a trained RTF minister is there to coach you and provide a safety net for everyone.

Whether you attend an event in Tennessee, USA or are trained elsewhere, our highly effective training process will skillfully lead you into ministering God’s love and healing.

RTF Minister Training Levels

RTF has many RTF Minister Training levels to meet your needs. Learn more

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Do you want to help people experience the abundant life that Jesus came to give?

If so, you can train to be a Restoring The Foundations minister and help others find hope, healing and freedom in Christ! 

Whether you are new to ministry, or are already an RTF minister RTF is here to help you become equipped for your calling!

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How do I become a minister

6 steps to ministry training

If God is calling you to be an RTF minister then jump in! There are many people who need healing and freedom. As you co-labor with Father God, hearts are healed and lives are radically changed.

RTF Ministry provides ministry training for the whole church, for a specific group or for leaders only. RTF offers foundational training through leadership training.

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Hope, Healing & Freedom
Register and complete the Hope Healing and Freedom Course online or attend a LIVE Event. (Course is approx. 5 hours)
Register for IFM
After you have completed Hope, Healing and Freedom course either online or in-person, register for Issue-Focused Training and receive access to the Issue-Focused Observation Video Course to watch on your own schedule. (Course is 9 hours)
Meet with Your Small Group Leader
Connect with your small group leader through zoom calls as you prepare for the upcoming Issue-Focused Ministry Live In-person Event. (approx. 2-3 online zoom calls)
Attend IFM Training Event
Attend the Live IFM Training event for your ministry activation. This live activation is usually over 3 days. Events are held throughout the year in multiple locations in the USA and internationally. At times there are even IFM events offered via Zoom. (Usually a 3 day event)
Become a Minister
Once you successfully complete the IFM Training Activation you will be released as an Issue-Focused Minister in your local church or ministry organization.


Have questions about RTF? We are here to help! Check out our frequently asked questions, for answers to common questions.


YES! Anyone who has a heart for ministry and a desire to help others find hope, healing and freedom in Christ can become a trained RTF Minister.

Restoring The Foundations is an international organization offering in-person and online ministry, as well as minister training world-wide. Search our ministry directory and event listing for ministers near you for training opportunities to grow in your ministry efforts. 

Don’t see a minister in your area? No problem, many ministers offer online ZOOM ministry and continued ministry training. Checkout the  ministry directory to see options that fit your needs.

Do you want to help people experience the abundant life that Jesus came to give? Has RTF made an impact in your life and want to help others find freedom and healing from life’s wounds through a biblically-based ministry.

Then God might be calling you to change the world by becoming an RTF minister. We have created training that can fit your busy lifestyle! Part of the training is done online in the privacy of your own home and on your schedule. Checkout our training page to learn more about becoming an ordained RTF minister.

Restoring the Foundations, International is a world-wide, non-profit inner-healing ministry, and minister training and resource provider established over 30 years ago, by founders Chester and Betsy Kylstra.

While many inner-healing ministries focus on one area of healing, Restoring The Foundations offers both individual Issue-Format and Thorough-Format ministry that utilizes a specialized, biblically-based integrated approach to help individuals find hope, healing and freedom in their lives through Christ.

If you have a question or need some help with resources please contact Our part-time staff will contact you as soon as possible.

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