A Conversation With a Rabbi

In honor of Rosh Hashana, the beginning of the Jewish New Year, we invited our resident RTF Healing House Messianic Rabbi, Ira Brawer to help us understand the significance of this Jewish Holiday. Come join the conversation we had with a Rabbi.

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Demonic Oppression

Can a Christian be demon possessed? Can they be demon oppressed? What’s the difference? Did you know as a Believer you have the power and authority to cast out demons? Did you know casting out demons should be a more common activity in our lives than what you may believe?

Stay tuned as Lee shares with us this week about Demonic Oppression and how as believers we can and should handle this reality in our own lives on a regular basis.

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Soul Spirit Healing

In this week’s episode Lee shares with us how Soul Spirit Hurts can be the reasons under the surface of our lives that cause us to react in ways we don’t understand or that seem out-of-balance with how we even expect our own reactions to be.

Learn more about how to receive Soul Spirit Healing on today’s podcast episode.

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Ungodly Beliefs

Would you ever be in agreement with Satan? If you’re believing an ungodly belief about yourself, then you are indeed ignoring what Jesus says about you and agreeing with the father of lies himself and living out your life in the boundaries of that lie. Hard to believe right?

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Sins of the Fathers

Sins of the Fathers are generational curses carried over from our ancestors for unrepentant sin that carries on the pressure for us to sin in certain areas of our lives through successive generations.

Until we confess and break the power of those sins in our lives we will continue to struggle and experience the pressures to act upon those same sins in our own lives.

Today on the podcast, Lee shares how these sins work and how we can obtain freedom from them in our lives and the lives our children and our children’s children.

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Why the Integrated Approach to Ministry

Have you ever wondered why Restoring the Foundations International uses an integrated approach to ministry? Why is the ministry so effective? What are the four problem areas that are addressed in a person’s life for this integrated approach?

The seeds of the ministry were brought to life through revelation of this systemic process given to Chester and Betsy Kylstra in the late 80’s and has grown and continued to impact so many people’s life giving them freedom in areas they were previously struggling with for years, or their entire life.

Stay tuned as Lee Whitman, shares more of the how and why the integrated approach works so well in the ministry of Restoring the Foundations in people’s lives.

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Flesh vs. Spirit

There is a battle going on in each of us. And the more we understand this battle and more specifically how to defeat it, the more you will experience the abundant life that Jesus came to give you.

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What Would Jesus Do

In today’s podcast, Lee shares with us what is perhaps a new point of view for many on the old popular marketing phrase, “What Would Jesus Do?”. It goes much further than the simple bracelet many people wore with the “WWJD” letters clearly visible as a reminder in making decisions as we live our lives.

But what would Jesus do? As we review that question, we find scriptures that clearly define exactly what Jesus would both DO and SAY as he performed his ministry during his time here on earth.

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What Do You Want?

Have you ever been presented with choices in your life and wondered which one you should choose? Which option was God’s will for your life? Is there only one way that’s the “right” way? Are there more than one possible options for you to choose either way and still be pleasing to God?

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What Does It Mean To Have “HOPE”? [REVISITED]…

Sometimes it’s easier to describe the absence of something than the presence of it.  When you are without hope there is the feeling and belief that nothing will change.  Often when you’re without hope you find yourself struggling in life. You find it difficult to believe that good things will happen for you. We have to get rid of the hopelessness to embrace hope.  The two cannot co-exist together.

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RTF Featured on The Shawn Bolz Show

On the second half of this week’s episode (May 20th 2024) of “The Shawn Bolz Show”  RTF directors, Lee and Cindi Whitman, were the guests. Watch for powerful insight and two special listener offers on products to help bring hope, healing, and freedom.