Power in “THE VOW”

Sometimes we make a vow as a mechanism to protect ourselves from being hurt. Sometimes we make a vow with the best intentions. Generally the inner vow holds us back from living in freedom.

On today’s podcast, our own Michelle Hensley shares a powerful story of how she found healing and freedom.

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Tour Israel with RTF

Restoring The Foundations has partnered with Jerusalem Tours, International to offer a trip to remember! March 27 – April 5, 2023 join us on a 10 day trip to Israel. Discover MORE DETAILS or SIGNUP NOW Want to Learn more? Unable to attend the online FAQ Webinar about the trip? No problem, check out the video below to hear answers to popular questions about this amazing upcoming trip.

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Every one of us interprets situations individually, and in todays digital age with text and email being a common form of communication, misunderstandings can happen easily and big conflict can result.

In today’s podcast we give you some tools to aid in healthy communication.

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Tending Your “GARDEN”

If you don’t tend your garden and pull the weeds when they are small, they will quickly take over and choke out the life of the good plants in your garden.

Today on the podcast, we talk about what it looks like to tend your spiritual garden.

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Graham Cooke wrote the book “Crafted Prayer”, and today RTF’s own Rick Hensley shares the idea of “Crafted Prayer” in our podcast.

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The way God chooses to work in our life may not always make sense. Learning to understand the lessons God is trying to teach us, and leaning into his leading, we find great peace and freedom in life.

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Emotional “LANDMINES”

Landmines are dangerous because they are buried in the ground, and when you accidentally engage the trigger, the resulting explosion can be disastrous. Emotional landmines are very similar. In today’s podcast, we teach you how to properly deal with emotional landmines and walk in freedom.

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